Colin Hill

CrossFit Coach

Colin was born and raised in Massachusetts where he started with gymnastics at a young age. Gymnastics has led Colin to many opportunities in his life including attending Penn State University as a Division 1 gymnast. It also led to discovering Crossfit, after retiring from gymnastics and not working out for several years a friend who wanted to learn gymnastics introduced Colin to Crossfit. Having never picked up a barbell or done Crossfit before Colin quickly fell in love with the new challenges it presented. After a year of consistently doing Crossfit he decided to get his CF-L1 and began coaching at Pennant Crossfit in Massachusetts before moving down to Connecticut and joining The W Crossfit. His favorite part about coaching is seeing the changes and growth in the athletes he works with, whether they are experienced crossfitters or someone walking into the gym for the first time. Colin believes Crossfit is for anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life, regardless of where they are starting from.