Dorrey Worth

Fit Coach

Growing up as an athlete Dorrey always loved participating in activities that required many hours of practice and hard work while promoting teamwork. As an adult she felt as though she was missing those things from her day to day life, and joining CrossFit filled that need. Dorrey has now been doing CrossFit for over four years and has accomplished many things that she did not think were possible. In March of 2016, Dorrey took a more active role in the classes and became a FIT coach. Since she started CrossFit, Dorrey has participated in two Ragnar Relays, two CrossFit Opens, one Tough Mudder, and one Rock The Gauntlet. Outside of the gym, Dorrey is working towards running a race in every town in the state of Connecticut as part of the Run 169 Town Society. In her spare time, she spends a lot of time with her dog, two cats and rescue horse.