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FIT Bootcamp


One way to consider a FIT bootcamp is to look at a CrossFit workout, then add in a bit more cardio and take away the super heavy weights. You will work every muscle and every workout is unique. Some of our members will burn an average of 900 calories, so if you are looking to become more toned and lean, look no further than a FIT Wallingford workout.

All the coaches at “The W” are great, the facility is amazing and all the members have become my second family. Once you walk through the door, you are greeted with enthusiastic coaches and a sense of community that you will not find at another gym.

Paul Conte MEMBER

The coaches constantly provide encouragement and motivation and are willing to help modify movements so every member gets a great workout. The people you work out with quickly become your best friends and you know you can count on them both inside and outside the gym.

Dorrey Worth FIT COACH

Let The W CrossFit | FIT Wallingford jump start your fitness jouney.